The Recruitment RoadMap

At some point every Manager, Owner and Business Leader needs new and good people. Recruiting an Outstanding Team
The trick is knowing what to do to make sure you get the right people and aren’t just settling for the “best of the current bunch”

Given that in surveys over 70% of people admit to lying on their Résumés – In the current employment and economic market it pays to know what you are doing.
Save yourself hours of wasted time and thousands of wasted dollars, by recruiting the “right person”.

Professional recruiters typically charge 15-18% of the salary package you are offering to your candidate. On an “average” income that is $9,000-$10,800 each time.
For a professional role these fees jump to over $20,000. This is the cost every time you ask them to recruit for every single employee they find for you. 

Frankly, when you don’t know how to find the right people for yourself, then this is probably a “good deal”.
BUT once you know what you are doing and how to do it then this is money you can reinvest right back into your business.

With the Recruitment Roadmap, I have created a complete Turnkey Recruitment package to help you navigate the muddy waters of deciding to recruit, who to recruit, when to find them, how to sort the wheat from the chafe, how to offer a role, and what to put into an employment contract.

I even give you the templates and examples to make it as easy as joining the dots for you to find and recruit the right person for your team.
I have put together a comprehensive set of guides, templates, webinar recording, and cheat sheets together with the shortcuts Professional Recruiters use.

We engaged Liz to put together interview training for our recruitment team and the content was simply the best.
Ultimately it’s all about communication and understanding how to get the best out of yourself and the person you are communicating with.
Liz understands the theory and how to put it into practice, then she showed us how to implement it.
I would highly recommend Liz and Third Sigma International.”
– Neil Damerow, Executive Director, Workscan Recruitment

What you get from your Recruitment Road Map:

  • The Recruitment Road Map Guide Book 
    It is so easy to follow that it literally is a “turn the page and do this step next” guide.
  • Guidance on how to identify when you have a gap and how to specific how to fill it.
    So that you can stay ahead of the stress levels in your business
  • Guide and templates on how to create a position description that you can use for recruitment and for managing the role 
    Break down of the key elements of the job advert are and how to write them
    So that you can literally fill in the blanks and make your job advert shine so you attract good candidate, spend less time sorting through the wrong ones and get there faster. I even give you the words to use.  You will look like a    professional copy writer.
  • Where the job advert needs to go to capture your target ideal candidates attention 
    Different fish swim in different ponds. When you put your advert in the right place you get the right people, so you save advertising dollars.
  • How to find people who aren’t looking at job adverts
    Get to the “passive“ candidates and invite them to apply –  after you have checked them out. Save $000s just on this one simple insider tip.
  • Simple sorting processes to get through the multitude of applications 
    So that you save time, angst and energy. You can delegate (or semi automate) this one too.
  • Guides and templates to prepare for the interview including questions to ask 
    So that you make the best impression on the best candidate, you are prepared to get the best out of them and you can save your self hours of wasted time in interviews asking the wrong questions and getting hopeless answers.
  • How to structure the interview to get the most in the shortest amount of time 
    So that you avoid time wasting traps, rabbit holes and laser focus your question to find out who is exactly the right person for you. We give you the template to use and a comprehensive list of questions to choose from so that you can target question to the role and the position description. No more stumbling around in the dark.
  • The Questions you NEVER ask!   We give you the list of taboo subjects that you MUST avoid – and give you the simple questions to ask instead.
    There are some things you just need to know!  Stay legal and ethical and make sure you are transparently treating everyone the same. This is your stay out of court card!
  • The critical steps of reference checking; avoid the traps and mistakes everyone makes when they don’t know the recruiters secrets.
    Learn the insider tricks to getting the back ground on your best candidates; without being unfair or unethical. We give you the template to use and the actual questions to ask.
  • Profiling – what to use and what not to use. 
    Save your money and get more information on your candidate before you do your reference checks, by using the right profile.
  • How to set up the offer and the contract 
    Get the full list of all the elements that you MUST include in your employment contract to protect your business and to protect your new staff member. Give this to your lawyer to save hundreds of dollars.
  • How to bring your new staff member “On-Board”
    So that they want to turn up on the first day and start on a high note. Get the most from them sooner.

“Liz is an all rounder. She has a good business head and knows the value of well trained staff in the work place.
Liz can work with all people on different levels which always helps in a manufacturing industry
tailoring the courses to suit our needs.”
– Jo Mooney, Office Manager, Sleepyhead

Included in your Recruitment Road Map:

  • The Recruitment Guidebook –  pdf
  • Job Advert Template –  MSWord
  • Job Advert Samples – MSWord
  • Interview Template – MSWord
  • Reference Checking Template   – MSWord
  • Initial Response Email template –  MSWord
  • Interview booking Email template –  MSWord
  • “No thank you” email template – MSWord
  • List of 34 Behavioural Interview Questions – MSWord

We give you enough templates, information and support so that with a laptop and mobile phone you could even set up as a Professional Recruiter yourself!! 
This is a complete Turnkey Recruitment Package.


If you are not happy in any way with your “Recruitment Road Map” in the next 30 days
Then I will give you a full refund – With absolutely no questions asked.

Plus Bonuses

Bonus #1 Comprehensive list of 25 Reference Checking Questions 
                      Questions that NO-ONE ASKS  that will shock the Referee into telling the truth.

Bonus #2  :A Behavioural Interview Guide to show you how put your candidate at ease. 
                      Then get past their barriers to find out how good (or not) they really are.

Bonus #3 :Recording of  Comprehensive Recruiting and Outstanding Team Webinar 
                     To give you the confidence and support to pull it all together

You can spend $20, 000 or more with a Professional Recruiter each and every time you want to bring in a new member to your team OR you can take charge of your own Recruiting, and take control of the whole process in-house forever for the same results for less than the cost of a night in a good hotel.

For only $297 you get all this with my personal and complete NO RISK GUARANTEE.

Download your  Recruitment RoadMap here.


Until  22nd June 2012 your investment is only $197.


Remember  – If you are not happy in any way at all with your “Recruitment RoadMap” in the next 30 days
Then I personally guarantee I will give you a full refund – With absolutely no questions asked.

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