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I was introduced to Liz by my manager to help support a team with written skills. On short notice Liz delivered a powerful session to the group with practical examples to illustrate the subject. Thanks Liz.

Russell Smith,Senior Project Metallurgist

Sibelco Australia Limited

"Liz is a great coach who speaks from experience and knows how to get to the core of an issue. She is open minded and finds creative ways to help you solve your own issues. She's also very warm and professional. I have recommended Liz as a coach to other colleagues and rate her work highly."

- Sarah Yip, Senior Account Manager, Pareto Phone


"The Myers-Briggs® communications workshop run by Liz Cassidy at Third Sigma International was a perfect fit for our business. We deal with other departments internally and we have a broad cross section of customers external to the organisation. Liz was able to provide a thoroughly enjoyable workshop that opened our eyes to the differences in people we have to deal with and how to communicate more effectively with them which translates into improved business relationships and ultimately an improved bottom line."

- Jason Marsh Queensland Technical Services Manager Yokogawa Australia Pty. Ltd.


"We engaged Liz to put together interview training for our recruitment team and the content was simply the best. Ultimately it's all about communication and understanding how to get the best out of yourself and the person you are communicating with.

Liz understands the theory and how to put it into practice, then she showed us how to implement it. I would highly recommend Liz and Third Sigma International."

- Neil Damerow, Executive Director, Workscan Recruitment


"I have used Third Sigma International for Myers-Briggs® profiling and training for my team. The professionalism was second to none and the session was a real eye opener for many people. Liz was able to draw the whole team together and give us some real outcomes to go forward with. I would highly recommend their work."

- Richard Aston - Operations Manager, Wonderest Ltd.

"Establishing a new team and ensuring connectivity always comes with its challenges, therefore I was delighted with the new and innovative team building exercise that Third Sigma International was able to provide.

The team members loved the 'Picasso' activity. Although some felt initially confronted by such an awesome challenge and way out of their comfort zone, the end result was magic. There was an overwhelming feeling of 'wow, look what we're achieved, together..............isn't it great!' The day finished on a real high and that feeling of elation continued for some time.

Today.........three weeks after the team building exercise we're already seeing the benefits as team members openly communicate and are working together, rather than in silos, to achieve organizational goals. "

- Carolyn Parsons, Group Manager, Volunteer & Member Operations Australian Red Cross, Queensland


"I just turned my Desktop Alert off. Thank you.
....Regarding my emails? I am NOT missing my alert and I even turned the alert sound off as well. It's great.
I am enjoying your tips."

- Laura Fox, HR Manager

"Liz is in a class all her own, personally and professionally. Her upbeat attitude radiates warmth and authenticity. She harnesses her incredible spiritual talents with Positive Psychology skills that reflect her wisdom. Liz is an exceptional women and an incredibly gifted coach. Liz delivers."

- Judith B. Krings, Ph.D.,CMC,ACCOwner and Clinical Psychologist / Personal, Executive, and Life Coach, Riverhill Psychological Associates, SC

"Thanks Liz I think that the people around me, and more importantly I have noticed a marked change in my behaviour without. It has improved my ability to be successful in the tasks I am taking on and from this, I believe I have gained respect from my colleagues. My work/home balance is now better than it has ever been and I have never been happier within myself.

I think your program overall will be effective for the majority and be a revelation for others. I thank you for both the hard truth and understanding shown in the one on one session with our profile results, which explained my behaviours, my unconscious rationale behind these and what I was getting in return for these. This set up the course for me - thinking wow - how did she know that - what comes next? Continuing what I have learned is not always easy, I haven't always followed your guidelines. However I now have the tools to realise where I have gone wrong, or why things went the way they did.

Thank you for the knowledge you have given me. It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope we cross paths again in the future."

- DJ, Boral Bricks


"Liz is a joy to work with and the consummate consultant, trainer and public speaker. We also love her dry Northern Irish perspective and outlook on life and business that somehow ensure she always gets to the crux of the matter. We only wish we could use her more often."

- Jonathan McIlroy, Director, Executive Assistant Network


"Liz is an all rounder. She has a good business head and knows the value of well trained staff in the work place. Liz can work with all people on different levels which always helps in a manufacturing industry tailoring the courses to suit our needs."

- Jo Mooney, Office Manager, Sleepyhead


"Liz is a consultant that works to understand the particular needs of a business and then works closely with that business to deliver a program that meet those needs. Liz achieves this in a down to earth and practical style although she always ensures there are very good 'theoretical" underpinnings."

- Neil Baker, Human Resources Director, Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers


"Liz has provided a range of staff at EY with a broad and comprehensive, executive coaching experience. She has worked with both Partners and senior staff to support their ongoing career and personal development with resounding success. Liz provides a professional, experienced approach to this trusted advisor, coaching role and I will continue to call on her to support our staff for many years to come. Her ability to tune into others and tap their inner strength is both exciting and challenging. The results are observable in the workplace and the relationships formed have been sustainable over time. Thank you Liz!"

- Louise Phelan, Senior Manager, L&D Ernst & Young


"Liz facilitated an L&D team workshop focusing on coaching and influcencing skills and gaining commitment from internal customers. She explored our needs thoroughly prior to workshop and produced a thoughtful and relevant plan. Delivery and exceution were of great value to all the team, and we had some fun to accelerate the learning process!"

- Mary-Anne Vos, Manager Change Management, Crane Distribution Limited


"Liz ran our annual global conference at Steel Storage. She does this kind of thing very well. She is well organised, keeps everyone focused and clearly is very knowledgeable within the areas of Corporate Training and similar programmes. I look forward to working with Liz again and have no hesitation in recommending her work. Also - she is a nice gal"

- Jes Johansen, Managing Director, Steel Storage Asia


"Liz is a master at constructing a programme to bring you out of your comfort zone while feeling fully supported by her team. A great person that shares my high business performance expectations"

- Darren Ralston, National Sustainability Projects Manager, VISY Paper


"Liz has been my business coach for almost a year now and I highly recommend her services. Liz's approach is direct and straight forward; she encourages you to work through any issues you may be experiencing, and provides excellent tools, motivation and advice to help. I have also engaged Liz to assist a business colleague through a difficult work/life issue, and the feedback was fantastic. I have no hesitation in recommending Liz and Third Sigma"

- Bronwyn Friend, General Manager, Operations, QSuper


"Liz achieved fantastic results working with my team of national managers by developing their business and personal skills as an external coach, her interaction with myself was first class and we were able to ensure her work complimented my business units objectives"

- Tim Kendall, General Manager-Industrial Products Group, Capral Aluminium


"Liz has been one of our exceptional providers having developed a highly professional, interesting & innovative leadership development program. It has been a successful addition to our leadership program offerings that is popular & well accepted by the business. Liz is a pleasure to deal with, very professional & excellent at delivering results"

- Kelly O'Hanlon, Organisational Development Consultant, ENERGEX


"Thank you for making our team event so meaningful and fun. In my opinion, the MBTI® workshop was expertly facilitated. We really enjoyed the way you guided us through the different personality types with examples and fun activities. The process you took us through will positively affect our working and personal lives. Having gone through a similar workshop several years ago, I can highly recommend the approach you took. We found the whole experience from commissioning Third Sigma to delivery of the workshop to be highly professional. Liz, we look forward to working with you again in the future."

- Jean Vincent, Administration Director, paeHolmes


"Liz was extremely professional and worked with me to really understand the dynamics of our team. She provided insightful and helpful advice."

- Eleanor Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Local Buy Pty Ltd


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