Living Your Values Centered Life

Whose Rules Are You Living By?

Who is in Control of Your Life?

You – or some one else?

Are you Yearning to Simplify Your Life?

Do you want to Change Your Life NOW?

Do you feel pressured to do things that are not right for you and your life?

Have you ever quit (or lost) a job because you couldn’t work with those kinds of people any more, or they couldn’t work with you?

Are you in a relationship or friendship, where you don’t feel respected? Where you aren’t free to be you?

Do you want to take back control of YOUR life?

If any of these scenarios seem familiar then it’s entirely possible you are not living true to your core personal values.

Or worse, you are living in a situation where your core values are not being respected and honored.

This simple e-book Living Your Values Centred Life gives you back the control of the word processor to edit and rewrite the script of your life.

Take your control back and live your life – true to you.

Once you know your core personal values then life becomes simpler, decisions distil down to “is this right for me, or not?” Situations arise, which may have left you stressed out, ill or feeling completely flattened, in the past – now will be very clear to you.

Changing your life becomes much simpler.

The actions you need to take to “be true to you” will become obvious

For most people values and beliefs were learned at a very young age. An age where you didn’t question your influencers, and more importantly where you did not question what they were teaching you and how useful it might be later in your life.

In our International Executive Coaching business our clients tell us stories every day –

  • A man who was taught the value of “giving” at a young age, was not taught the value of receiving and had to learn this much, much later in life.
  • A lady who was taught the value of “looking after others”, had to relearn in her forties that she needed to learn “look after yourself first”.
  • A man who was taught the values of “financial honesty” and “unquestioning respect for authority” by his parents had to leave his job through stress related illness, when his boss was financially dishonest.

And so it goes on ……

We see people change every day; improve life; simplify decisions; and take control.

Countries have gone to war for their values. Couples have divorced. Business partnerships have split.

When you are feeling “stressed” then it may be time to have a values centered reflection on the current events cluttering up your life.

Knowing your core values gives you immense freedom of choice. You are no longer bound by unknown stressors. When you are living your core values making a decision is easy. Life becomes simple.

So how to uncover your values? Often when we simply ask someone directly to list their values they will give fairly predictable middle of the road answers. This does not work.

Uncovering your values directly with a highly skilled coach is the best way, however not everyone has time to do this or has access to highly skilled coaches.

Living Your Values Centred Life e-book takes you through the script you are living in your life and gives you back the editor’s pen.

I have gone further though. In this e-book I take you through the changes in your life. You see into the future and see yourself – what a difference Living Your Values Centred Life makes.

Using your own self reflection and with prompts from our comprehensive prompter of more than 500 values you develop and prioritize your own core personal values.

To get moving towards Living Your Values Centred Life today, and;

  • Change Your Life
  • Develop a Reputation as someone who has high integrity
  • Take Control of Your Life
  • Decision Making is Simple
  • Reduce Your Stress Levels
  • Increase Your Sense of Personal Identity
  • Improve your life
  • Increase Your Assertiveness
  • Simplify Your Life and
  • Discover What You Really Want from key relationships and
  • Say good bye to the people and situations who do not honour you and your values….

Purchase “Living Your Values Centred Life” Today.

Apply this downloadable 42 page PDF format e-book to your life;

  • Do the exercises;
  • Use the 500+ prompt list;
  • Discover your core personal values; and
  • Vision your future as you live true to you

Discover your Number #1 Core Value that you will never, ever, compromise on.

Be Non-Negotiable! Start living your life true to yourself.

For only $19:50 (AU) create a tidal wave of changes through your life,

Begin now – Live true to you! Change today and

Begin Living Your Values Centred Life


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