Leadership Assessment – Profile with One Hour Tele-Coaching Debrief

Did you know there are simple leadership assessment tests and tools which tell you exactly where you might be sabotaging yourself as a leader? There are hundreds of profiles on the market but I use the Apollo  profile, which has legal standing as an assessment, it’s been tested in court, and has full research to back it up. It is a simple straightforward way for you to test leadership and have an evaluation of leadership behaviours normed against your successful peers. You can easily use it too. For less than you spend on takeaway food and coffees  in a month, find out where you might be self sabotaging your leadership career, by taking the Apollo Leadership Behavioural Profile online.

What your Leadership Assessment includes:

Your Apollo Leadership Profile includes an assessment of 34 factors which are proven indicators of leadership success. In your comprehensive report you see how you compare to other successful leaders at your level in the Key Success Areas of:

  • Career Drivers;
  • People Orientation;
  • Leadership and Influence;
  • Strategic Orientation;
  • Workplace Management;
  • Conflict and Negotiation;
  • Coping and
  • Values

Over 124,000 people have already taken this test. You know you are in good company.

How to Arrange your Leadership Assessment

All you have to do is order your leadership profile here  and I will email your Password; ID;  and instructions within one working day. (It’s a professional managment assessment test profile so there is no “instant access” as with some of the junk/free online profiles). When you have completed the profile then email us to advise:

  1. What level of leadership you are at   i.e.Executive (Manager of Manager’s),  or Management (Manager of  “Individual Contributors”), and
  2. Three options on dates and times for your debrief  (with your time zone) so we can line up a full and appropriate one hour tele-debrief for you.

Leadership Profile Results & Debrief

You will receive

  • The written profile PDF report,
  • A FULL one-hour appropriate in-depth debrief from me personally, and

You will find out exactly what you need to do to STOP self sabotaging your leadership career. Your intensive debrief will be with an experienced and recognised Executive Coach with over 7 years direct one-one leadership coaching experience For only $465(AU) no other Leadership Survey Questionnaire will give you the same results and focussed action plan for your future. Get on with the job now. STOP self sabotaging and order your leadership profile here To your leadership success

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