Thank you for purchasing your  individual Leadership Behaviour Profile

Please book mark this page

You will receive a separate email from me within 24 hours with your unique password and id to allow you to log in and take your profile.

Please email me back when you have completed your profile with your best 3 days /time  for a one hour private debrief on

  • What your profile means to you as a leader,
  • What traps you need to avoid, and
  • Immediate actions to take to supercharge your leadership performance.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Apollo Leadership Behavioural  Profile.   All you will need to complete the profile is in this email. Before you begin, make sure you are connected to the internet with a secure online connection.

You may find it useful to print this page for reference before you begin……

  • Please ensure you are sitting in a quiet place and are not disturbed for the duration of the questionnaire.
  • The Apollo is not timed ~ but will take roughly 45-65 mins to complete.
  • There are no right or wrong answers, only YOUR answers
  • The Apollo must be completed in one sitting. Please note; you can only log on once, and you cannot re-enter, so answer as briefly and as honestly as possible, making sure you answer all questions.
  • Read through the guiding instructions carefully and provide your details when prompted.
  • When you have completed the Apollo, ensure you complete the instructions to successfully register your responses.
  • Then reply to this email to let me know you have done your profile, I will generate the report.

When you get your instructions email from me; simply click on the following link below (or copy and paste it into your browser) & choose “Pre-registered candidates click here”. You will be asked to enter your unique and personal access codes, please take a note of these now:

Candidate # :         will be sent via email within 24 hours

Password :            subscriber

 In the event you wish to talk to someone about a technical difficulty, please call me on +61 7 3217 7471 for assistance, otherwise your answers to all questions within the questionnaire should be your own and without assistance from any one else.

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