Myers-Briggs® Test – MBTI®

The Myers-Briggs® personality test is based on the work of Carl Jung and is the best known and most widely used personality type profile.  You can use the MBTI® profile in either individual coaching and development or in your Team Building workshops. Because of its simple language and adaptability the Myers-Briggs® profile is ideally suited to many of your corporate and business uses.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® profile gives you great results in your Team Building, Developing your Communication Skills, assisting with your Conflict Resolution,  Developing your Sales Team and Coaching.  You can choose to take the authentic MBTI® Test Instrument Online or in Hard Copy.

To find out more about how the MBTI® can assist you or your team contact us or call us direct on 1300 766 092.

Who Uses the Myers-Briggs® Test

Myers-Briggs® Team Building Workshops

Myer-Briggs® Test – MBTI® for Individuals:

  • Whatever your group size  we will create an ethical, and memorable Myers-Briggs® Team Workshop where everyone gets an “Aha” moment.
  • For team building exercises you can use the MBTI® profile in Hard Copy or Online.
  • The MBTI®  profile is easily adapted to support your Team Building activities.

Would the Myers-Briggs® test benefit you?  Do you have..

  • Team members who want to work more easily together?
  • Sales professionals who want to increase their influencing skills?  and
  • Leaders who want to increase their ability to understand and work with other personalities?

Contact us to find out more about how we can assist with your  MBTI® team building activity or individual Myers Briggs® Test. 

With all Myers-Briggs® Personality Tests you can choose a debrief interview face to face or over the phone with our Myers-Briggs® expert Liz Cassidy, or one of our experienced team.

We offer the Myers-Briggs® Personality Test throughout NSW; VIC; ACT; QLD and New Zealand.

To find out more about how the MBTI® Profile can assist you or your team contact us or call us direct on 1300 766 092

The Myers-Briggs® Test Options

Online Myers-Briggs® Test – MBTI® Options:

Hard Copy MBTI®

When you want to use the Online MBTI® with a group, we will take care of all your administration.

The hard copy Myers-Briggs® Personality Test is best used for when your team is geographically close and for Team Workshops.

When you take the basic and easy to complete hard copy Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® profile, the results are immediately available making it most suitable for workshops.

The hard copy MBTI® profile is also the most friendly to you budget.

For workshops, we can arrange for the hard copy MBTI® to be delivered to you approximately one week before your workshop to give ample time for your team to complete it away from work.

To find out more about how the MBTI® can assist you or your team contact us or call us direct on 1300 766 092.

Applications of the Myers-Briggs® Test Instrument

You can use the Myers Briggs® Personality Test tool for:

  • Team Building and Development
  • Executive Coaching – Myers-Briggs® Online Test Step IITM     
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Improving Your Team Processes
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Graduate Programs
  • Developing Your Influencing Skills
  • Developing Your Sales Skills

Note the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® tool is not useful for your recruitment processes, or to predict success or skills assessment.

Benefits of using the Myers-Briggs® Test

The Myers-Briggs® Personality Test helps you to:

  • Promote mutual understanding and respect
  • Provide an opportunity for more open communication
  • Highlight the importance of understanding and managing diversity
  • Give insights into how to resolve conflict
  • Provide a complete approach to understanding yourself and others, and finally
  • Provide a tool to speak to others from their perspective

The “Introduction to Type”® booklet takes you through the concepts of Myers-Briggs® Personality Types, contains theory, and insight into your own and other Myers-Briggs® Types, plus a brief overview on how you may act when you are under stress.

To find out more about how the MBTI® can assist you or your team contact us or call us direct on 1300 766 092

Useful Articles About How to Use the Myers-Briggs® Test Results

To find out more about how you can use your Myers-Briggs® Type information to improve your communcation & influencing skills; and get even more from your Myers-Briggs® Test results explore these articles.

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