Myers-Briggs® Team Workshops and Group Debriefs

We also provide Team Building workshops using the Myers-Briggs® Personality Test Myers- Briggs Team Training
as a basis. 

We assist your team building activities by facilitating a half day (2 hour minimum) debrief workshop so that participants get not only affirmation that their Myers-Briggs® profile results best suit them; they also get the insights into the nuances of using their MBTI® results in communicating to; leading; and influencing others.

During the debrief we also teach your team how to predict another’s’ profile and how to use that knowledge to adapt their own communication style to increase their influence and reduce conflict with the other person. 
This is an interpersonal skill well worth having.

This short debrief always leads to “AHA” realisation moments.

From 2 to 200; whatever your group size we can cater for your authentic Myers-Briggs® test options. 
Your team MBTI®  profiles can be taken in Hard Copy or Online.

Online test options include:

Contact us direct on 1300 766 092 for an obligation-free discussion on a customised solution for your Myers-Briggs® team building needs.

Logistics and Process

Team Myers-Briggs® Test Logistics
We can assist with all administration of the online profiles as much as you want us to.
All you need to do is give us the first name & last name of participants. We send the instructions to you for distribution.
For a more complete solution you can also send us their email addresses and we then send the profile instructions direct to them so they can take the Myers-Briggs® test online immediately.
We can also send out reminder emails as needed for the slow responders and keep track of who has not yet responded. This tracking service invaluable for large groups.

Hard Copy  MBTI® Test

The hard copy Myers-Briggs® Personality Test is best used for geographically close arrangements and for small workshops.
The results are immediately available making the hard copy Myers-Briggs® Personality test very suitable for small workshop environments.

Logistics and Process

When we know your final numbers we can mail the hard copy test to each participant individually, or mail them in bulk to you for internal distribution, approximately one week before the Myers-Briggs® Team Workshop
(We also bring spares to the workshop as inevitably someone forgets or loses their copy!)

We also provide reassurance with our clear written instruction so that participants know their MBTI® results are safe and they will not be mis-used.

Benefits of using Myers-Briggs® Profiling

The Myers-Briggs® Test results:

  • Promote mutual understanding and respect 
  • It provides an opportunity for more open communication 
  • It highlights the importance of understanding and managing diversity 
  • It gives insights into how to resolve conflict 
  • It provides a complete approach to understanding yourself and others, and finally 
  • It provides a tool to speak to others from their perspective

Myers-Briggs® Test or Myers-Briggs® Exam?

In fact even though the MBTI®  profile is often referred to as a test and / or as exam it is neither.
It is simply a personality profile for which there are no right or wrong answers.
Your answers are grouped together  with other people who answered a similar way and your profile is based on these like groupings.

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