What is your handshake worth?

My business gives me the opportunity to work with many wonderful people as a client and as a supplier of services.

A few months back however, I found myself doubting. I have been doubting other people and their integrity.

I found myself in the position where I was filtering all my interactions through the polarising lens of a few souring experiences.
In this space and sense of doubting others I had felt unable to create words or metaphors which could possibly be of service to you.
So what changed?

Frankly, Brett Godfrey did.

A big thank you to Brett even though you don’t know me (yet) and you are not a subscriber to this newsletter, a number of your staff are.

Brett Godfrey (CEO of Virgin Blue, and VAustralia) made news headlines because he settled a multi-billion dollar order for aircraft for his airlines with a handshake on the back deck of his home.

He actually made news with this.

Thank you again Brett for that handshake, and all it implies.

For the last 20 years I have been doing business on a handshake. For the last 5 years all my significant client and supplier relationships through TSI have been on a handshake – as I believe it should be.

A handshake on an agreement is a commitment to carrying through, to being a person of integrity.

A handshake says “you can trust me” and more.

Over the last few months 3 (yes only 3) of my commercial relationships “changed their minds” on written or verbal contracts. One of those contracts was a formal signed off tender.
My faith and my belief in the integrity of others has been badly shaken. Not to mention the messing up of my business planning!

I forgot all the other relationships which have been lived and worked in full integrity and filtered the world through these 3. My frailty and humanness continues to catch me unawares!

I looked for and found evidence to back up my new belief.

But as I know deep down, I have written about it, I have taught it, and I have coached using it – when you have core value in place it only takes one data point to change a fixed and limiting belief.

Brett Godfrey and his multi-billion dollar handshake is that data point for me.

My core value of trust is well served and my belief in the integrity of the word of others is back in place.

More importantly since I’m no longer filtering my relationships through the lens of lack of integrity, I can remember the integrity to my wonderful and generous clients, associates and suppliers.
Thank you to you all for your support and for 5 years of relationship based on handshakes.

Though it is tempting, unlike Oscars night I am not going to name individual names. For each of you I have done business with you as individuals first and with the companies you work for second.

After all we shake hands with each other as people. And what else do we need in business but a handshake?

Does your handshake reflect you as a person of integrity?

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