Setting SMART Goals

Setting SMART Goals

Achieve more this Financial Year

The end of the financial year is rapidly approaching and many of our Australian subscribers are racing towards the finish line to achieve year end goals, budgets and targets. Next years budgets are already set and with July 1st comes a blank revenue sheet. For many of our readers this may bring a sigh of relief, while for others there is only the stress and worry of starting all over again.

Breaking the full year goals down into bite sized quarterly chunks creates a sense of control and paves a path to success for next June 30th.

SMART goals are those which we are very clear about and focused on. They are few in number to ensure focus is sharp.

You need to define that end point or have it defined for you. So, as Covey says “begin with the end in mind”. The end point can be more easily defined when we use SMART as an acronym.

  • Specifically stated – Stated positively in present tense. Eg the safety management system is fully operational and audit/ training activities are in place,
  • Measurable – What will I see, hear, smell, taste, feel and touch upon completion. Eg The first safety management audit report is available and distributed amongst the management team.
  • Achievable – Can I achieve it by myself, what input do I need from others? Eg The management team needs to support this goal and the CEO needs to agree a proposal from me for extra funding.
  • Resources – What resources do I need? Eg Three Internal auditors have been trained and a budget of $40,000 is available to support ongoing training and auditing.
  • Time based and Towards – When precisely will this outcome happen? Eg 30th June 2007 all safety management systems are in place.

“Getting a bonus/pay rise this year” is not a SMART goal, how much? what percentage? when? what resources are required? what do I need to do to get it?

Keeping the vague wooliness out of our goals is the key to creating personal and business success in this financial year.

Whilst it’s possible to hit an invisible target, it is much easier to plan and to hit a visible one.

So get defining, get specific and get successful.

Third Sigma International offers in house goal achievement workshops which facilitates you and your team to crystalise your business goals into clear work priorities.

Our Executive & Performance Coaching help you achieve your individual goals.

Call us on 1300 766 092 and get your business SMART in 06/07.

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