Delegation – Only Do What Only You Can Do

Many of my coaching clients have asked for help and support with either time management or work life balance. When we scratch the surface of their issue there is usually more to talk about with lack of delegation. They are holding on to excess tasks, authority and responsibility to their own and their business’ detriment.

As a result they underperform at their level. They hold themselves back or suffer from a lack of balance in their lives with too long hours at work.

The consequences can be disastrous for their people who are stifled and are missing out on opportunities to grow.

There are a number of reasons why they are holding on to tasks and authority.

Reason for not delegating include:

Lack of trust  –  Trust comes in many forms, however this is not about doubting either integrity or ethics. Underpinning this lack of trust is a lack of knowledge of the person their skills, capability and capacity. This is a bind which leaders can inadvertently create for themselves.

They are too busy to get to know their people but because they don’t invest time in getting to know their people they cannot delegate fully.

Forgetting to let go – Many promoted leaders / managers forget that their new role is a “leading function” which is full time. It has its own responsibilities separate from their old comfortable job. trivia questions . As a result they hold onto tasks and responsibilities associated with their old role. In this they neglect the full scope of duties of the new tole which include developing their team.  They short change their reports and frustrate the person who took on their old role.

Lack of delegation creates a bottle neck in an organisation. One person carries too much and others are underutilised and under developed.
I once heard a speaker say “only do what only you can do!”
Everything else gets delegated.

When I share this with my stressed out overworked and time poor coaching clients I love to watch their faces twitch as they mentally let go of their to do list.

To be effective in their roles and to develop their talent and team; then  “only do what only you can do”  is an attitude which must be adopted sooner rather than later.

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