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My name is Liz Cassidy and I have been an Executive Leadership coach for the last 8 years. Before that I was fortunate enough to work in an executive recruitment company and had huge exposure to the endless complaints from the professional recruiters every day about candidates mistakes, and mess ups.

I have run my owJob Interview Questions & Answers Kindle Bookn business and been a manager in both corporate and private sector businesses for over 20 years. I have interviewed hundreds of potentially great candidates – many of whom sabotaged themselves and ruined their own career opportunities through making simple and easy to avoid mistakes.

I have helped countless clients since then to change up in their careers and have coached many into new roles through getting their resumes right and being absolutely prepared for their interviews.

I wrote this book based on the exact essential briefing notes that I give to my private Executive Clients to help them avoid the mistakes (common and uncommon) and to win at interviews.

In this Amazon #1 Best Seller, l guide you every step of the way through the whole interview process, with my proven method of preparing and shining in your Job Interview. This book takes the guess work out of Interviews and gives you the freedom to relax and begin to explore what’s RIGHT FOR YOU!

Now you can win too!

I have had a huge response to this book, already readers aresecuring the roles they want through adapting, practicing and implementing these simple invaluable techniques.

What’s Inside the Book ?

  • The MAGIC of Being prepared job interview questions & answers amazon best seller
  • Get inside the head of your Interviewer – What are they really looking for?
  • Being ABSOLUTELY ready for any type of interview you might expereince and what they mean
  • Managing your image to IMPRESS your Interviewer and put the best possible YOU forward.
  • A simple 2 minute introduction to POSITION YOU as their ideal candidate
  • POWERFUL answers for those difficult questions(that you know are coming)
  • Answering Behavioural Questions EASILY to show that you are the best qualified for the job
  • The impact of your SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND on the questions you may be asked.
  • How to respond to tricky CURVE BALL QUESTIONS with ease
  • Valuable tips to gracefully handle A BAD INTERVIEWER (Yes they are out there!)
  • Examples of Behavioral Questions with your BEST answers
  • Detailed explanations of what EXACTLY what your interviewer is looking for when they ask each question
  • How to AVOID 12 INTERVIEW TRAPS and pitfalls and
  • SAMPLE QUESTIONS TO ASK that show you are the best candidate they will ever get
  • How to do your own SMART DUE DILIGENCE to find make sure this company is RIGHT FOR YOU.

And much more

What’s the next step?

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You’ll be glad you did.

Good Luck

Liz Cassidy


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