Executive Behavioural Coaching

Are You Missing Some Tools in Your Tool Kit?

Some people in leadership positions are brilliant at their technical jobs as; Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, Architects and so on.

All those years of training and gaining experience helped them up the ladder to success, and into strife.

Many missed out on critical leadership development, training and experience. Now their Leadership Tool Kit is missing some (many) tools.

The results can be disastrous for a business.

Leaders without skills can inadvertently cause staff disengagement (and at the extreme can bully or harass staff) through simple ignorance and through not having alternative or useful leadership strategies.

These leaders are technically brilliant, BUT they can cost business tens of thousands of dollars in staff disengegement, staff replacement; mediation; counselling; legal fees and the opportunity cost of lost focus through inappropriate behaviours.

This may be you or someone who works with you.

What to do?

Executive Performance & Behaviour Coaching provided by Third Sigma International;

  • Changes Personal Leadership behaviours to reduce downtime & conflict and increase engagement
  • Increases motivation in teams to increase performance;
  • Increases communication ability to give clarity of message; authority; and engender confidence
  • Creates outstanding and inspirational leaders who are highly prized and sought after, and not just as technicians
  • Develops thinking and decision making skills to get better business results
  • Improves business skills to think less like a manager and more like a leader

Moves YOU to the next level in behaviour and in performance as a leader.

Executive Performance & Behaviour Coaching with Third Sigma International is THE way to save you tens of thousands of dollars in your business in costs and lost revenue.

So – what are you waiting for….?

For a no-obligation discovery conversation to find out how our Executive Performance & Behaviour Coaching will impact on your Leaders and on your bottom line.

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