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Executive Coaching with Third Sigma is designed to assist you in setting and achieving your own personal and business outcomes.

The executive coaching process may be set in motion by you as you identify your own needs, or it may be by your manager/employer through assisting you to achieve more in your career.

Whatever path you are on, your Third Sigma International Executive Coach will work alongside you in your chosen program to assist you in achieving your outcomes.

Third Sigma International provides executive coaching in the areas of:

  • Executive Behavioural Coaching
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching assists in:

  • Increasing the motivation in teams to increase performance,  through a direct change in the executives’ behaviours
  • Developing communication with even more authority and confidence to people at all levels
  • Increasing pro-activity to anticipate business problems
  • Creating an outstanding and inspirational leader
  • Developing thinking and decision skills
  • Improving business skills to think less like a manager and more like a leader
  • Taking leaders to the next level

Executive Coaching is a key development platform for leaders.

Third Sigma International Executive Coaching Program

Our Executive Coaching program is designed to work with the individual’s agenda and outcomes to assist the coachee to create even more in his/her career.

We work with the basic premise that our coaching clients already have all the internal resources needed to get what they want, or are capable of getting them.

  • We work with our executive coaching clients to unlock their true potential.
  • We coach our clients through to achieving success – as they and their organisation define it!
  • Consistent reminder to assist each leader to stay focused and not fall into “business as usual”
  • Allows leaders/managers to continue to improve their performance over time
  • Challenges & supports their process and activities
  • Flexible timing; fortnightly, weekly or adhoc one-hour sessions
  • Ensures executives/managers continue to improve performance by eliminating ineffective habits, focussing on outcomes and remain accountable for themselves and their futures.

Executive Coaching delivery with Third Sigma is flexible – however face to face is much preferred for optimum results.

Begin your Executive Coaching now!

Contact Us Today  or call 1300 766 092 to start improving the performance of the leaders in your organisation through our Executive Coaching program.

Measuring the Impact of Executive Coaching

Each of our coaching clients undertakes the Apollo Profile before and after the coaching program. This profile is acknowledged as a benchmark profile in marking Leadership behaviours and effectiveness of Executive Coaching programs.

Using the Apollo Behavioural profile we can provide real metrics of behaviour changes.

It’s Official – Executive Coaching is more effective than training

In the first longitudinal executive coaching study of its kind, PhD student Fran Finn, has undertaken a three year research study of the effectiveness of executive coaching versus training, in a large public sector organisation in Queensland. In the study one group of leaders had individual executive coaching for a year, whilst the control group continued with their normal training programs.

The pre and post 360 degree feedback results indicate that after only one year of executive coaching the Leaders being coached outperformed the Leaders who simply received training on 4 out of 5 measures.

The research, measurement and feedback was based on the model of Transformational Leadership.

To start improving the performance of the leaders in your organisation through Executive Coaching, do your own research. You may (or may not) be surprised by what you find.

Download the early research results (pdf file) into the effectiveness of Executive Coaching in a large organisation.

Please use this link to find out more about the history and background of Executive Coaching
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