Business Networking Success: The Five Easy Steps to Building Your Business Network Without EVER Going to Another Business Networking Group – Kindle Edition

Liz Cassidy, Amazon Best Selling Author, leadership coach and speaker who runs workshops every week and connects with thousands of people every year, gave up on traditional networking because “it doesn’t work!” Business Networking Success ebook cover

She adapted her natural style to find out what did work and after giving talks on “Networking On Purpose” and getting a huge positive response she developed this book.

Her techniques are basic; but they are effective!

The information and approach contained in this book is priceless for those of you who also decided to give up on networking because you found that traditional networking didn’t work for you either.

Cassidy’s step by step formula to creating and building business relationships is simple to follow and to adapt. She covers the 5 steps from breaking the ice to following up effectively.

Her examples provide an insight into how you can develop; not just your network but other peoples as well, and then she shows how to leverage these connections effectively.

She also touches on social networking and how it relates to face to face networking.
However the most important thing you will learn from this book is not the techniques – but the attitude she espouses.

This book is for you if you are: in sales, job hunting, own your own business or are an entrepreneur and you value a wide network of connections. You understand that opportunities abound from the most seemingly innocuous or casual acquaintances. However, if you have a technical skill and want to network internally in your organisation to gain career advancement then you will find that the techniques included are easily adapted to suit your needs too.

This business networking book is not designed to sit on your shelf or remain passively on your eReader. Cassidy will chivvy you to complete the exercises so that you too can increase the number and quality of your business relationships.

Get Your Copy of this Amazon Best Selling Book  Business Networking Success: The Five easy steps to building your business network without ever going to another business networking group

What people are saying about “Business Networking Success”

“It’s very refreshing to read of practical steps to networking that have been tried and that work and that avoid the ubiquitous scones and jam. The authority of someone who is a leader in leadership is evident.” Leah Amazon

For many in the business community, networking can be a strain but it is an expected role you have to be involved in as part of your employment, particularly in sales roles. Liz Cassidy offers very practical, ‘no buts’ approach and easy to follow advice on networking which assists in giving you confidence to network more effectively and perhaps…..even enjoy it!”   Liz Osborne Amazon

“I have read a number of other books on similar subject matter and this one stands out amongst them all.
Actually it is very readable and I couldn’t put it down.
Really very interesting and different new approach to networking.
This is a “must read” for anyone in business and would even be useful if you weren’t.”
  Avid Reader Amazon 

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