Skills, Training and Government Support for Business

Skills, Training and Government Support for Business

I have been reading the September 2006 Submission to the Australian Government on the setting of Policy Directions for Australian Industry developed by the Australian Industry Group this week and have been struck by the section and research on “A More Skillful Australia”.

Summarising; research shows that between 2006-2016 the VET sector will be required to supply 2.47 million qualified people, of these 1.73 million will be required at Cert III – Advanced Diploma levels. ( i.e. 70%).

There will be a projected shortfall of 270,000 people with the required qualifications, based on current supply arrangements.

So, we are facing a chronic skills shortage, primarily at the trades and post trades levels. Nothing new here, you say. But, 50% of our workforce in Australia does not hold any post school qualification and there are only 13.7% of the jobs available for these people.

Looking at business strategy and our need to be nimble in international markets whilst facing a skills shortage and an ageing workforce. Businesses today cannot avoid retraining and re-skilling existing and older staff members. We cannot rely on recruiting new skilled staff any more. We no longer have that luxury.

A few years ago internal training was a luxury – now investing in a scarce resource (current staff) is a business necessity.

For further information on the AIG policy submission got to

The policy submission goes on from these worrying statistics to talk about potential changes in government funding for training.

This is a new area for us at Third Sigma International as we have recently partnered with the Brisbane Learning Centre, RTO to provide one of our programs – the Cert IV and Diploma in Business (Frontline Management) – of which the Cert. IV attracts some government incentives for the employer.

The area of Government incentives for training is as confusing as Government funding for business in general.

To assist you, we have spent a few hours researching the topic of current funding support for Businesses at various levels and have included invaluable links below.

Federal Grants and Funding for business

Queensland Government Grants for businesses

Federal Incentives for Training and development of staff

Queensland Government incentives for development of staff

Queensland Traineeships available which have Government support

Given the confusing nature of the incentives and funding available at both Federal and State Level, (some business and training programs attract both – depending on who is being trained and the business situation) we suggest you ask for more details on Funding, Incentives and support by contacting your nearest RTO or New Apprenticeship Centre.

Explore (A very confusing website but a must see for HR Professionals and Employers ) and

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